Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yet another attempt to depict the likeness of the Bard.

Balderdash. Read again these words:

"In its favour, the portrait looks very similar to the only two other images of the playwright accepted as having been by people who knew Shakespeare when he was alive. These are the bust of him in Holy Trinity church, Stratford-upon-Avon, where he is buried and which was erected not long after his death; and the engraving of his image, made in 1623, at the front of his First Folio. "

Very similar? Really?

The first of the 'two images' is this cartoon-man from the Holy Trinity Church.

Can one really believe that such a ludicrous lump as this... thing wrote the Works? And does it look in any respect like the 'Janssen-cum-Cobbe' Portrait?

The second 'image' is equally vapid. It is the illustration from the First Folio -- and I urge you not to laugh aloud.

Now, if either of these renderings suggest to you a likeness to the johnny-come-lately 'Janssen', you have my sincere sympathy (and you might want the name of a good optometrist).

This night while sleeping imps do dream
'bout likeness this and that,
I give you three and then one more
That turns it all to scat.

de Vere

de Vere

de Vere.

The Poet in his working clothes

I fail to see
How you cannot see
Just what the fuck's in front of thee.


unokhan said...

n the last one his ear appears fused with his neck. that musta been hard on a guy who had his head turned by beauty

DoctorBoogaloo said...

That ear thing bothers me, too.

Perhaps His Lawdship might wax poetic on the tell-tale lobe?